HO HO HO! Father Botmas is here bringing everyone gifts and festive wishes from everyone at Buildables. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas. This guy is limited to how ever many can be made over the Christmas period. On the 6th of January the abiltiy to build this guy will be stopped.





B4CON Blur, how adorable is this guy, all blue and fury.




Eve Hippy, very limited edition so grab her when you can.




Cluck-E Rainbow, we just love our chickens and now they’re even more colorful.




Ezroh Blue Neon, he’s kinda retro with a great glow.




Spyda MK2 Mini Opal is one of the most sort after bots since the introduction of Opal.




Spyda MK2 Opal, just like his little bro ^^^^ but bigger.




Joover Rasta, this guy just makes me smile each time i see him, i had a hoover junior when i was younger so that was the inspiration for this one.



Eve Fairy Mini Gold, does it get any cuter?




Kit-E Emerald, what a wise and cunning kitty this guy is, watch him around your Cheez-E’s.

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