B4CON Blur, how adorable is this guy, all blue and fury.




Eve Hippy, very limited edition so grab her when you can.




Cluck-E Rainbow, we just love our chickens and now they’re even more colorful.




Ezroh Blue Neon, he’s kinda retro with a great glow.




Spyda MK2 Mini Opal is one of the most sort after bots since the introduction of Opal.




Spyda MK2 Opal, just like his little bro ^^^^ but bigger.




Joover Rasta, this guy just makes me smile each time i see him, i had a hoover junior when i was younger so that was the inspiration for this one.



Eve Fairy Mini Gold, does it get any cuter?




Kit-E Emerald, what a wise and cunning kitty this guy is, watch him around your Cheez-E’s.

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